Posted by: febrile | June 15, 2008

Father’s Day for the Shattered

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Photo by Javno

Happy Father’s Day…especially to you whose homes are shattered and whose dreams have morphed to nightmares.

Happy, I said? Thoughtless of me, was it not? How glib and perfunctory, how unfeeling. Seems happy is not exactly what I had in mind, but I meant well. Sure I meant well, fully had stancioned in my mind the thought of your deserving a dad’s anointing, even though the issue who bear your name are not under your hand.

Positively I meant well when I said happy Father’s Day, but now seeing another phrase must be invoked, I’m suggesting that you be honored with a blend of peace and hope. That’s it–not happy Father’s Day, but peaceful Father’s Day, and hopeful Father’s Day.

May your dreams return and your home rebuild itself. May your babies come back.


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