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Women and Bare Breasts

Why do women reveal much of their breasts in public?

Posted by: febrile | June 16, 2008

An Accolade for Tim Russert

Just heard someone on the radio say this:

“I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Tim Russert.”

An amazing accolade.

EDIT; Tuesday, June 17

I just read the most amazing piece here about the reporting of Tim Russert’s death. Intriguing.

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Father’s Day for the Shattered

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Happy Father’s Day…especially to you whose homes are shattered and whose dreams have morphed to nightmares.

Happy, I said? Thoughtless of me, was it not? How glib and perfunctory, how unfeeling. Seems happy is not exactly what I had in mind, but I meant well. Sure I meant well, fully had stancioned in my mind the thought of your deserving a dad’s anointing, even though the issue who bear your name are not under your hand.

Positively I meant well when I said happy Father’s Day, but now seeing another phrase must be invoked, I’m suggesting that you be honored with a blend of peace and hope. That’s it–not happy Father’s Day, but peaceful Father’s Day, and hopeful Father’s Day.

May your dreams return and your home rebuild itself. May your babies come back.

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“The poor man’s conscience is clear; yet, he is ashamed . . . He feels himself out of the sight of others, groping in the dark. Mankind takes no notice of him. He rambles and wanders unheeded. In the midst of a crowd, at church, in the market . . . He is in as much obscurity as he would be in a garret or a cellar. He is not disapproved, censured, or reproached; he is only not seen . . . To be wholly overlooked, and to know it, are intolerable”. John Adams

As I scrolled around WordPress a few minutes ago, I was reminded on this site and by the quotation I brought over, that sometimes I feel invisible, especially when I’m in a big meeting with important people. When I greet them, I look hesitantly into their eyes and if I sense blank, I quickly say my name. I smile brightly and people think I’m friendly–I am friendly–but inside I’m sinking and displaced. Not always, but frequently enough.

It’s not poorness that does that to me, for I’m not poor. Yet, though, it may be poorness, a poorness of spirit, so that I too ramble around in obscurity. Folks would be shocked to hear me say this, but then there may be others who clatter about in finery and accomplishment, who smile and tip their heads, but who ebb and wane.

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Of Febrile and of Soul

About fifteen minutes of time did I give to the name of my spot, and it would have taken a shorter period except that a couple of words I had thought to take were not available: can’t remember exactly what they were; something like, oh say quest and moot. I recall exactly those were two I checked, but they were taken.

Anyway, here I am with the name Febrile which is fine, but I want the title to read Febrile Pages, not Febrile’s Weblog, and so far I haven’t figured how to change it. I clicked on the help button in the upper right hand corner, typed in the question: How do I change the name of my site? but no answer was returned.

No big deal. I’m sure eventually I can figure how to do it. Hey, just did. If you’re reading here and have the need to know, it’s this way–very simple. Click on pages, you’ll be in edit mode, and just erase what’s there and type in the name you want. Piece of cake as they say somewhere.

No one knows I’m here, except me and I won’t be telling. That’s a good thing, for while it’s great to be “famous,” sometimes it’s such a burden. Now here’s the rub: If any of you have found me, it will fall your lot to discern truth from fiction, to ridicule if you wish, to admire–like that better, frankly–and to unscramble such codes as “famous,” for if you have found me, and if you are honest–which I suspect you are, you probably agree that I don’t think more of myself than I should. I have many faults, but I don’t believe that is one of them. But then, how could I know, for if I think more of myself than I should, and if I am honest in that thinking, I would not be aware of the infraction…would I?

Ever want to talk of soul issues? Deep thoughts? Secrets? Shame? Hurt?

I have and I will. Not sure how often. Every few days? Monthly? Will an update be a year from now? We’ll see.